Friday, November 2

hurricane 2.0

well hello! i am warm, dry, and safe...which is a hell of a lot to be thankful for after the past week. i was able to escape home to philly wednesday night, though many of my friends in new york and new jersey are still without power, so i'm thinking of them and trying to help any way i can when possible.

after experiencing Irene in the east village last year, i was pretty sure no hurricane could top it. but Sandy proved me wrong with a vengeance. really hard to see pictures of ravaged lower manhattan and the jersey shore where i've spent so much of my life. i'm impressed and comforted though with the amount of good will i've seen over the past few days. the world keeps finding ways to remind me that even though it is full of shit people, it is twice as full of golden-hearted people.

today i remembered this drawing i posted shortly after irene last year, and went looking for it in the depths of my hard drive. somehow i found it, and couldn't help but add to it, even though i regretfully left my wacom tablet back at my apartment.

it's nothing polished or fancy...i decided to keep it lighthearted as per my original intention. my coast has enough depressing things to look at right now anyway without me adding to the pile. i think i'll keep the original tentative title, too...

i'm sending my sincere best wishes for your safety, health, and comfort in the wake of frankenstorm. hope your halloween was more happy than it was frightening! <3 br="br">

"It's All Fun and Games Until A Hurricane Comes and Proves That Your Kids Have Better Survival Skills Than You"

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