Sunday, November 11

thoughts on greatness re: art and writing

it's so common for the average viewer or reader to only dole out accolades of "great" and "fantastic" to something they believe that they, themselves, could not create or imagine creating.

"that's not art. i could do that" >> the gut response–but they didn't [create it]–doesn't do anything but sound snarky and dismissive. More accurately: this reader didn't think it necessary to write vulnerable thoughts on a piece of paper and show it to people. Or that viewer didn't think it important to draw a red line on a canvas and contemplate what it might mean to them and the world. which is totally fine.

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artists and writers are not in it for the money (there is none) or accolades–they do what they do because that is what pumps their blood. The way a football fan gets hyped at the beginning of the game as he prepares himself in front of the TV set on Sunday–this is how I feel when I find a new artist's work that I connect with. It's almost spiritual. Art is personal exploration, and the desire to represent something in a different way. It is vulnerable and brave, often mistaken for self-indulgent and gratuitous.

i can live with that. i can live without being labeled as "great". the word is overused, has lost its meaning. we should find a new one.

great art is subjective, just like beauty is subjective: every label or classification is in the eye of the beholder. I am good at fixing TV sets. I am not great at cooking. I write. I am good at noticing details. I am not a great runner. I am visually creative. I like sandwiches and cold pizza. to me, they are the greatest foods.

oh and

        to equality
and the next four years !
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