Saturday, January 26

vague thesis proposal to no1

i'm interested in captivating people, and telling a story all the while. so, not necessarily captivating them with the story, but rather with the mix of images and words, the experience, all the senses tugged at in unexpected ways. and at the end i want them to say, "wow, what a story" and not be able to put it in words, and then i'll have succeeded, because all the things that i've ever thought were great, i haven't been able to put my reasons/opinions/feelings into words.

even though Einstein said that if you can't explain it then you don't know it well enough. but isn't that why we like anything at all at first, though? we don't know what it is that intrigues us–the unfamiliar and the newness, maybe. initial feeling, gut, lust.

how do you say wow without saying it? sounds like the title of my never-to-be-completed-or-even-started thesis dissertation for my L.L. degree (Life Lived), earned at time of death, regardless of extent of preparation. pop quiz. pass/fail grading system.

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