Tuesday, February 19

leaves & cakes

this is a recent illustration i did of a 'lil smorgasbord on a leaf, which was inspired by this little weird doodle i did i one of my sketchbooks:

i ended up using the buffet leaf for our Pieces of Cake issue 3 call for submissions:

i also reworked the Pieces of Cake logo recently. we're working on a site redesign and this was the first step. we're aiming to launch the new improved interface by the issue 3 release, so probably around mid-march ...which of course means another party/reading at Think Coffee is near so stay tuned for deets :) now go eat cake and send us nice things to read!

Monday, February 18

free shipping

get free shipping worldwide on any item in my society 6 shop until sunday!

check out the goods here

i'll have some new items in my etsy shop soon as well.
stay tooon'd

Monday, February 11

a finished piece

i feel like i rarely [conscientiously] make "finished" pieces anymore...which was becoming more of a comfort-zone thing. it's easier for me to just say an illustration is finished when i don't know what else i want to add to it, or feel like it needs anything else. which is usually fine i think, but this felt different--if i wanted to be able to get a story across with it [which i did] i needed to make it a final, realized piece.

it's titled "Leaving Home" and overall i am happy with it, i like the story it tells. and it feels good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

i finished it while watching the grammys


next to where i started this drawing in my sketchbook, are the words:  "i miss the house i grew up in, and all of the other things i can't take with me when i grow up."

Saturday, February 9

jungle weave

new pattern

when saving the file i titled it "jungle" but then forgot and later titled it "weaver"

but a rose is a rose and i like it

Monday, February 4

sunflower sans sun

put a bunch of new work in my society6 shop

sunflowers remind me of gram and rita, i'm missing them extra hard lately....i'm drawing a lot of sunflowers these days.

Saturday, February 2

crop crop

my final semester of parsons started this week, i'm really excited for the classes i'm taking and the things i'll create in them.

i have been having a lot of fun with patterns lately (using the word "pattern" loosely here...they're more of like, experiments that somewhat end up resembling a pattern if I crop it the right way)

^ this was made haphazardly and the process couldn't be repeated if i tried my damn hardest...which is like, my favorite way to make art. the black part was a black painted sun on scrap paper that i scanned in. the petals were also painted black shapes on paper, that i scanned, duplicated a zillion times, and messed with the textures and colors and layers until the above image appeared and it made me trippy and excited for spring in a dark way~the best way

akjkjfhg i love texture and detail! i find that illustrations are 10x more lovely when zoomed in and blown up so you can see all the imperfections and nuances. *sighhhh* i love it

so I did that with a few more "patterns" too, and added them as design in my society 6 shop. they look super cool on the iphone cases. i want to make more for the pillow covers soon. i love soc 6, it is like a shop playground to me. i can try out designs and patterns and not have to commit to buying fabric since i get bored easily/change my mind every 1.5 hours

i'm also really enjoying the work i've made at my internships so far. this is one of the coupon booklet cover redesigns I did for the Campus Clipper, winter edition

also, i've been working heavily with illustrator and photoshop lately for various projects, and try to use the computers at Parsons whenever I can, because 1) huge beautiful desktop screens and 2) they have adobe CS6 and it's **amazing**