Monday, February 11

a finished piece

i feel like i rarely [conscientiously] make "finished" pieces anymore...which was becoming more of a comfort-zone thing. it's easier for me to just say an illustration is finished when i don't know what else i want to add to it, or feel like it needs anything else. which is usually fine i think, but this felt different--if i wanted to be able to get a story across with it [which i did] i needed to make it a final, realized piece.

it's titled "Leaving Home" and overall i am happy with it, i like the story it tells. and it feels good to push myself out of my comfort zone.

i finished it while watching the grammys


next to where i started this drawing in my sketchbook, are the words:  "i miss the house i grew up in, and all of the other things i can't take with me when i grow up."

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