Sunday, March 31

spring break

today is the last day of my last spring break ever so i commemorated it with a drawing of how i spent it..

also today is Easter – i'm spending it working on thesis and taking instagram breaks, and there are tons of photos of dyed eggs, so this drawing came about unintentionally inspired by said eggs..

 and here is a little screen shot of one of the gazillion new pieces i worked on this weekend...

more soon!

Friday, March 22


i just felt like saying hello to you

by some sort of criss-cross in the stars, i'm working on two thesis projects this semester, so here are some recent sketchbook excerpts that have absolutely nothing to do with either thesis:

goodnight i love you and so does my wine glass

Sunday, March 10


i've had a minor obsession with this idea/image for the past couple of weeks. it kept weaving into everything i made. the latest version at the end is probably my favorite, but i love the other stages as well..

^ this was a wayward attempt of crafting a way to "stamp" my nails
with my little sun moon affair image. it didn't work...

really, it's just a story of the greatest love affair of all time..

Tuesday, March 5

almost famous

last week in one of my classes we had the chance to work on an real assignment for the new york times letters section with art director Alexandra Zsigmond. we were to make an illustration to accompany an article that proposed that high school should only be three years instead of four. only one student's artwork would get chosen for publication (which wasn't mine) but it was a super cool experience and opportunity–working with tight specs and short turn-around on sketches, roughs, and then a final piece. it's an interesting process and i loved the quickness and the challenge.

hats off to the chefs

finally turned these fine gentlemen chefs into a finished piece

i traced my original sketch onto mylar because i originally thought i might screenprint it onto tea towels, but then i felt like making it into a little i played around with it for a while. i don't usually work digitally so i was trying out a bunch of new things

i think i finally got it to a place i'm happy with, though i could spend a million more years tweaking and playing with color...

i'm still thinking of getting it digitally printed onto fabric to use as tea towels. these fellas would look good in my kitchen

some suit 'n tie sh!t

available here

sun worshiper

i have a new screenprinted tote bag design of a sunny lady welcoming spring with open arms now available in my etsy shop

Sun Worshiper