Friday, April 26

got to keep on moooovin'

one of my final assignments is an animated gif project for a client, so i thought i'd practice before jumping into it. i've had the idea for this for a while because every morning when i walk to the train i see at least 5 boys with this problem...

and for the ladies...
i made this a few weeks ago, inspired by a conversation i had with my mom about girls who go out in the winter without jackets on

what else ya got?

i graduate in a month and i'm really excited but my nerves are starting to show in my work...

same love

i started this little series called "same love" which is pretty self explanatory–inspired by the recent marriage equality debates as well as the song by macklemore. the more i've been working on it the more happy it makes me. it's also made me much more aware, as an illustrator, how we tend to stick to what we're familiar with regarding subject and imagery, unless we make a conscious decision to challenge those habitual instincts.


sometimes the little notes and absent-minded doodles in my sketchbooks turn out to be my favorite things because they are the most honest, and that's what i'm after these days

Monday, April 8


haven't done this in a while

honestly doing these little poem videos has been quite helpful in getting better at reading my work out loud. if nothing else it enables you to view the poem from another perspective. things in your head sound so (so sosososososs soo) different then they do out loud.

that said, i almost never like what i've written after i record myself reading it. or at least it doesn't measure up to what i'd thought of it before really hearing it.

but whateva

(see the text for "Here" in previous post)

Sunday, April 7

national poetry month

in honor of national poetry month i wanted to post a new poem or two, but all my very new stuff is basically for my thesis, which is still very much a work in progress. so instead here is a semi-new one, written this past fall, which may or may not be included in my thesis, i'll decide soon