Tuesday, May 28

love you forever

I made this poster for my best friends who also happen to be my favorite couple. It is their quote (a cute story that stems from where they live in rainy Pittsburgh) and I made a print of it to surprise them. They loved it, and thought it'd be cool to make more to sell, so that others could have a little piece of all of us in their homes. Head over to my etsy shop if you'd like a Love You Forever print of your own :)

*i'm having a 20% off sale in my shop until june 15th to celebrate graduating, summer, getting a job, and just being generally grateful for everyone's support of my work/life. use code "HAPPYGRAD13" at checkout to get 20% off your order!

in the last 2 weeks:

I had my last thesis presentation at the New School – we celebrated our work with a student show at the Parsons senior illustration book launch

I graduated with my BFA in illustration and my BA in Poetry!

i got a job! i'll be working at Hachette Book Group this summer as an intern in their promo department doing graphic and web design work (this froyo mountain was my "last day of classes/congrats on getting a job" treat to myself on a semi-chilly monday...)

and perhaps the best part, i got to celebrate with my family and closest friends, and spend time relaxing and catching up with them this weekend

i'm feeling super grateful for the past, excited for the future,
and ecstatic to finally be finished with homework for a while :)

Thursday, May 16

~i just made you say underwear~

super excited about these new screenprinted laundry and tote bags! it's actually a point of pride that i was able to draw all these unmentionables without using any reference images...

*underwear foreva*

both bags are super limited quantities and available here!

thesis 2 = done!

guys, my poetry thesis is officially completed *~!

the end product is 56 pages of poems and drawings, titled Someone Special Sleeps Here.
nice printed and bound copies are in transit and i should have them by monday :)

also, our senior thesis reading was last night, and it went super super well. my mom, my aunt, one of my internship bosses, and a handful of close friends all came to support me and it was ridiculously appreciated !

things are lookin up y'all
summer is knocking

Sunday, May 12

words and images in bed together

i've got all these little stories and i started posting them here 

below are just a few–

Oops Baby, revisited

i ordered some fresh copies of "Oops, Baby!" to have for my illustration senior panel on May 22, where I'll present my illustration thesis–Oops Baby, long overdue–and also my poetry thesis that I made this semester, a 50 page collection of poems and illustrations, titled Someone Special Sleeps Here.

stay tuned for spreads and pieces from that soon! i'm excited about it :)

below are some new photos of Oops Baby, and a gif of the full book:

etsy shop update

i put a bunch of small original paintings in my etsy shop, and a couple of bigger ones. all super reasonably priced. i'm moving soon and would love for these to go to good homes :)

screenprinted totes, too!

Thursday, May 9

bare / senior reading

top is a draft spread from my poetry thesis. i'll post more on it soon, but i made a 50-60 page book that is a mix of poems and drawings. i'm trying to cut it down a bit so i can print and sell it as a zine, or just as a small artist book...

bottom is the flyer i made for our senior thesis reading that will be held next wednesday. it will be short and interesting and there will be refreshments. come out if you're around, would love to see you!

Monday, May 6

Sunday, May 5

sunday night muse

last saturday morning was one of those rare perfect spring ones that are particularly special in NYC, when the sun is already warm before noon and no matter if you're bare armed or in a jacket, you're body temperature is right there with baby bear's porridge: just right.

in the span of an hour, i got to enjoy that morning in three different cities. i woke up in brooklyn, met a friend in manhattan, and by noon was back in my apartment in jersey city.

i have an almost compulsive habit of asking people, even ones i've just met, what their dream job would be if they could do anything in the whole world. so that morning, still sleep drunk in brooklyn, i asked a new friend what their ideal job would be. one remarkable thing i've taken away from this weird habit is that never once have i received any variation of "i'd just be rich, and sit on my ass doing nothing all day..."

for every one who's told me something like "i want to be in a job that helps people, but also lets me afford groceries" – why is this something only attainable in this early morning hypothetical ideal world? i can't figure out why it's so accepted that chasing dreams is such a difficult thing–especially when it comes to selfless and compassionate goals. many of my friends are teachers, social workers, nurses, artists, writers–all working towards their goals, their dream life, just as i am, and also just like me, they get discouraged and think the universe is sometimes saying "you have to choose between being happy this way and being happy that way–you can't have both. but it should not be so difficult. i hate that we are made to choose.

i hope no one's expecting this to go anywhere...i'm just musing. i have no answers. i'm just nervous about finding a job after graduation, while the only thing i really want to do is tell true stories for the rest of my life. i want to make people's lives better and i want to afford groceries. i refuse to choose between the two. i'm nervous and excited.