Tuesday, July 9

oh hey!

it's been a busy summer so far. as soon as school ended, like officially really for real for real with a graduation & errythang, i jumped right into big girl territory. i started a temporary (yet super exciting) job at a book publishing house, and then moved apartments, which proved itself again to be manhattan's bitchiest character trait. i still love her though.

so i'm starting to get my big girl life in order now (if you saw me this past weekend celebrating the fourth at the jersey shore you'd know how full of shit that sentence is) so i'll have many new fun things to post soon.

until then, because i love ya, i bear gifts:
my etsy shop is open again, with updated low prices, and you can use this link for discounted phone cases from my society 6 shop, and this link for discounted pillow cases, including some new designs! god i must love you a lot. i do i really do