Thursday, December 5

silver lining, or something?

i lived in 4 different apartments in the past 6 months. not by choice, of course, but whatever.

the transitive living situation and down-scaled possessions meant i could only have the bare necessities with me all this time: as many appropriate work clothes as I could fit into one suitcase, and no art supplies. i kept a few of my favorite pens and pencils and small sketchbooks with me, which live in my purse anyway and go with me everywhere. but i had to leave all of my paints, inks, brushes, pads of paper, big sketchbooks, block printing supplies, everything in boxes at my mom's house in Philly.

i brought my wacom tablet though, which is really lightweight. i just stashed it with my laptop, and then started keeping it in my desk at work. for any illustration projects i was assigned at work, i'd sketch out ideas in my sketchbook, and then start on the actual piece in Photoshop using my wacom tablet (like these posters, for example).

thanks to this, i've gotten much more familiar and comfortable painting digitally. it's exciting because you can cover more ground in one stroke (read: FASTER! i am a tortoise), erase easily when something doesn't work, and experimenting is much more fluid. but of course with digital, you're totally missing out on the texture and immediacy of paint or ink on paper.

it's been a fun challenge, though, finding different ways of achieving something similar to the textures i'd get with paint and paper. i know more about what i like and don't like, what i'd like to achieve with an image and a more direct route of getting there. all good things.

below are some little drawings i did (with my tablet) for customizable elements on one of the Little Brown Young Readers websites

oh and if you want to hear more about the half dozen months i spent as a kinda-sorta nomad, i wrote about it here as a guest blogger on my friend's NYC blog, Into the City

girls you know

women do a lot of things. these are some drawings of women doing some of the things women do

1. ballet class
2. salon
3. boxing ring
4. all in a day

Tuesday, December 3

fish out of water

remember that game? did you play it at the pool in the summer?

anyway here are some drawings with fish in them

Sunday, December 1

Distraction Addiction

right after i graduated from Parsons in May, I started working at Hachette Book Group as an intern in the Advertising and Web departments. sometimes i can't believe how lucky i am when i think of how much i've learned and some of the incredible projects i've been able to work on while there.

here is one of them—

In July, i got to illustrate a series of posters for The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (published in August by Little, Brown & Co—one of Hachette's biggest imprints). They wanted WW2/propaganda-style posters. They were originally intended to be used to promote the book just through social media, but the author was so pleased with them that he requested a print run so that he could take the posters with him on his book promo tour. i even heard that they were later translated for use in the international market.


all type design done by Jeff Shay

should i stay or should i go, now

i was home in Philadelphia the last few days to spend Thanksgiving with my family. i love getting to see them and play with my dog Chachi who is smelly and wonderful. but after just a few days i start to miss New York like crazy.

these aren't very recent, but they're some of my favorite drawings that remind me of Manhattan

suggested further reading: this little story (also, i tried to give Medium a try but i totally half-assed it. i like it, but i'm currently too lazy to actively use it more. i'm afraid there is no cure for this)