Sunday, December 1

Distraction Addiction

right after i graduated from Parsons in May, I started working at Hachette Book Group as an intern in the Advertising and Web departments. sometimes i can't believe how lucky i am when i think of how much i've learned and some of the incredible projects i've been able to work on while there.

here is one of them—

In July, i got to illustrate a series of posters for The Distraction Addiction by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang (published in August by Little, Brown & Co—one of Hachette's biggest imprints). They wanted WW2/propaganda-style posters. They were originally intended to be used to promote the book just through social media, but the author was so pleased with them that he requested a print run so that he could take the posters with him on his book promo tour. i even heard that they were later translated for use in the international market.


all type design done by Jeff Shay

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